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Why Zindagi Is A Must-Read For Urdu Literature Lovers? (Review & Summary)

    Summary and revie of book Zindagi by Chaudhry Afzal Haq

    A lot of people who read Urdu enjoy books that talk about how to live a good life and what happens after we die. One such book is Zindagi (زندگی), written by Chaudhry Afzal Haq . He was a famous politician and writer who fought really hard for India’s freedom from British rule.

    It is a one-of-a-kind novel because it’s all about what happens after we die. No other Urdu novel has ever tackled this topic before. The story takes place in the underworld, the spirit world, and the afterlife.

    The author uses his imagination and way with words to paint a picture of this unusual subject. The plot is super interesting and keeps you guessing all the way to the end. On top of the regular stuff that happens in life, the book also touches on spiritual and philosophical ideas.

    About Author

    Chaudhry Afzal Haq (چوہدری افضل الحق ) was a big-time political leader who fought hard for India’s independence. He was a close friend and advisor to the famous leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Because of his fight for freedom, the British threw him in jail a bunch of times. But being locked up didn’t stop him! He used that time to write amazing stories.

    One of his best stories is called Zindagi, which means “Life” in english. He wrote this whole novel while stuck in a British jail during the 1930s. Being alone and miserable in jail, writing was his only way to keep himself going. That’s how powerful his creativity was!

    Afzal Haq wasn’t just a political leader, he was also a fantastic writer. He loved the Urdu language and wrote many books and articles. His writing showed his ideas about philosophy, politics, and what makes a good person.

    This under review book is a great example of his talent. It’s a mix of made-up story, symbolic messages, seriousness, and deep thinking. This novel is proof of how creative and amazing Afzal Haq really was.


    The story and ideas in Zindagi book are one-of-a-kind, nothing like anything written in Urdu before. It dives into what happens after we die, exploring the underworld and the world of spirits. This was completely new territory for Urdu literature at the time, which makes the novel extra special.

    The way the story is written is also unique. It’s kind of like a puzzle with hidden meanings (allegorical), serious throughout, and makes you think deeply about life (philosophical). But to keep things interesting, the author throws in a bunch of humor too. He uses pictures and short stories to get his ideas across in a fresh way. The writing itself is full of life, with some technical terms, mystical words, and even a bit of poetry sprinkled in.

    There are tons of stories and ideas packed into this Islamic book that will keep you turning the pages. One story, “The Teacher’s Story,” even inspires readers to fight against colonialism. Other parts are like short, interesting lessons about being a good person, right from wrong, and big questions about life. All these pieces fit together perfectly to tell the main story.

    Why we must read it ?

    Zindagi is a super important novel in Urdu literature. It’s a classic, one of the best ever written. There are three main reasons for its success. The subject matter of this book was something new and exciting for Urdu literature at the time. It wasn’t the same old stuff people were used to reading.

    The author’s way with words is amazing! They used their skills to tell this modern story in a beautiful and rich way. It isn’t just a fun read, it also makes you think about important things in life, like values, morals, and big ideas everyone should consider.

    A famous critic, Professor Hameed Ahmed Khan, even wrote a whole book about how awesome “Zindagi” is! He basically said he wished the author would write another one just as good.

    Final Words

    Even though Zindagi is a famous and important book, it has some downsides. There are parts with long explanations and super detailed descriptions that can get tiring to read. But these flaws don’t take away from how great and meaningful the book overall is.

    What makes this book special? It covers unique topics, has a beautiful writing style, tells a story with deeper meaning, explores big philosophical ideas, reads smoothly, and focuses on what’s important in life. These things make it a rare and valuable piece of Urdu literature.

    These days, Western culture is getting more popular and traditional values are getting lost. That’s why we need books that remind us about the meaning of life and what truly matters. In the future, I hope more books are written that explore these kinds of philosophical and meaningful topics.

    Finally, I highly recommend everyone read the novel nature book. It’s a classic that everyone can learn something from. Reading it could give your life a whole new perspective!

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