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Yaar E Sitam Novel By Mahnoor Shehzad

    Yaar E Sitam Novel By Mahnoor Shehzad

    Yaar E Sitam (یار ستم) is a Pakistani novel by Mahnoor Shehzad, focusing on a generations-old family feud and a quest for revenge. The story follows two characters Hashmi and Chaudhry Yazdan, who are caught between hatred and retribution.

    The novel explores themes of family drama, romance, suspense, mystery, and social commentary, as well as the clash of values between rural feudalism and modern ideals of justice.  The central male characters, Chaudary Yazdan and Hashmi embody a regressive rural mindset that perpetuates oppression.

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    Yaar-e-Sitam has generated popular and critical acclaim, showcasing Mahnoor Shehzad’s world-class storytelling abilities.

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