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Udaas Naslain Novel By Abdullah Hussein

    Udaas Naslain Novel By Abdullah Hussein

    Udaas Naslain (اداس نسلیں), a novel by Abdullah Hussain, is a powerful exploration of Indian history during the early 20th century British India.

    Published in 1963, the book follows two Muslim families, Roshan Agha and his sons and Niaz Baig and his son Naeem, who witness significant events such as World War I, the Bengal famine, the freedom struggle, and the partition.

    The protagonist, Naeem’s journey, mirrors the struggles of his generation, including forced participation in Congress resistance and personal losses during the partition.

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    Udaas Naslain offers a unique perspective on the cultural identity of Indian Muslims and the dynamics behind India’s partition, making it a valuable work in South Asian literature.

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