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SirateIshq Novel By Dilshad Naseem

    SirateIshq Novel By Dilshad Naseem

    Sirat E Ishq(صراط عشق) is a social-romantic Urdu novel by Dalshad Naseem, focusing on the story of Vairat, a young man struggling to find meaning and love in a world of material constraints and social expectations.

    The novel explores the trials of love and social pressure, highlighting the effects of class, family loyalty, and cultural codes on personal relationships.

    The novel’s poetic yet accessible writing style expertly conveys complex emotions, creating interest and suspense in the characters’ journey.

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    Compared to other works like “Mehral Nasa” and “That Dream,” “Sirat-e-Ishq” represents the excellence of modern Urdu literature, offering a unique perspective on romantic relationships and social issues.

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