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Shaheen Novel by Naseem Hijazi

    Shaheen Novel by Naseem Hijazi

    Shaheen is a book by Naseem Hijazi. It’s about the last Muslim days in Spain.

    The story is about Badar, a young Muslim from Granada. He sees how fights and laziness weaken Muslims in Spain.

    This makes it easy for Christian forces to attack. Badar tries to unite Muslims to fight back.

    But, some Muslims, like Wazir Ilyas, don’t want to fight. Ilyas secretly helps King Ferdinand of Aragon to beat the Muslims.

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    He stops Badar from making the Muslim army strong. Even with Badar’s hard work, Ilyas and others make Granada weak.

    Ferdinand’s army takes over important places around Granada. This makes it harder for Muslims.

    Badar fights to save the Alhambra. But, years of problems and betrayal make Muslims weak.

    Ferdinand takes over many Muslim towns. In 1492, he captured Granada.

    This ends 800 years of Islamic rule in Europe. In the end, Badar and some Muslims fight bravely but lose.

    They choose to die fighting rather than give up. Shaheen teaches us to always be just, watchful, and united.

    It’s a lesson for today’s Muslim world, facing similar challenges.

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