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Sehra Ki Aag Novel By Aslam Rahi MA

    Sehra Ki Aag Novel By Aslam Rahi MA

    Sehra Ki Aag is a thrilling book by Aslam Rahi M.A. It takes place in old Arabia’s dry deserts.

    The story is about Ahmed. He’s a poor widow’s only son and lives in a far-off mountain village in Sinai.

    One day, bandits attack their village, steal things, and set fires. They kidnap Ahmed.

    He ends up with the Sahba gang in the desert. Ahmed learns a lot there.

    He gets good at hunting, camel riding, and star navigation. He becomes a skilled swordsman and even gets a pet falcon.

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    He’s torn between missing home and liking the Sahba gang. Things get tricky when he meets a caravan from his village.

    Ahmed thinks of going home after they raid the caravan. But, leaving Sahba and his new family is hard.

    He’s stuck between his bandit life and being good again. Everything changes when Ahmed falls for Zohra, a slave girl from a rich merchant’s caravan.

    To be with her and start fresh, he must leave Sahba. It’s a big risk.

    Sehra Ki Aag is an exciting story. It’s about a boy’s tough journey in Arabia’s hot sands.

    The book makes you think about tough choices and has a great setting.

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