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Qaisar O Kisra Novel By Naseem Hijazi

    Qaisar o Kisra Novel By Naseem Hijazi

    “Qaisar o Kisra” is a book about old times. It’s about big fights between two powerful groups, the Persians and Romans, a long time ago.

    The main character is Asim, a young guy from Arabia. He’s tired of his tribe fighting all the time, so he leaves.

    First, he joins the Roman army and then the Persian army. He’s looking for a good place to live, but finds only bad things in both armies.

    Asim then starts looking for truth and peace inside himself. He goes back to Arabia just as Islam is starting.

    He likes Islam because it’s fair and kind, so he follows it. Asim was from a tribe that always fought with another tribe.

    Tired of this, he goes to Syria and joins the Roman army. He’s really good at fighting and falls in love with a Christian girl, Maryam.

    But they can’t be together, and he’s sad. He moves to Jerusalem to fight the Persians.

    When the Persians win, they take him to their capital. In Persia, Asim becomes a big army leader.

    He thinks he’s found a good place, but it’s also not good. He leaves everything and looks for meaning in life.

    This search takes him back to Arabia where Islam is growing. He sees how Islam stops the fighting between his old tribe and their enemies.

    He follows Islam and feels peaceful. The story shows Asim trying to find a good life in politics, love, and war.

    But he only finds it in Islam. The book also shows big battles and important people from the past.

    It’s exciting with fights and love, but also makes you think. “Qaisar o Kisra” is great for anyone who likes exciting stories with deep meaning.

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