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Qafs E Hayat Novel By Iqra Fatima

    Qafs E Hayat Novel By Iqra Fatima

    Qafs E Hayat(قفس حیات) is a social-romantic Urdu novel by Pakistani writer Iqra Fatima, focusing on the struggles faced by women in Pakistani society.

    The novel follows the lives of central characters, including a young woman who falls in love with a man outside her family’s approval.

    The protagonist, a woman with a regressive mindset, is portrayed as a symbol of courage and resilience. The novel explores confinement, gender politics, and the need for women’s empowerment through education, financial independence, and self-actualization.

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    Fatima’s strong vocabulary and emotional depth make the novel effective, leaving readers hopeful about women pushing back against constricting narratives around identity and power.

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