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Parizaad: A Pakistani Novel That Exposes the Ugly Truth About Beauty Standards

    Parizaad Novel

    There are some really popular novels in Urdu literature, and one that is loved by many Urdu readers is called Parizaad(پری ذاد). This is a great story, written by a Pakistani writer named Hashim Nadeem.

    The book first came out in 2014, and it became so popular that a TV channel called Hum TV made an entire series based on it. When the show came out, even more people fell in love with the story.

    Parizaad is a romantic novel, but it also deals with some serious social issues. The main character of the story is treated badly both because of his money situation and social status.

    Some Novels that works of same writer , Khuda Our Mohabbat , Abdullah and Muqadas.

    Summary Of The Story

    The main character of this story is Prizad, a guy who’s got a rough life. People don’t really like him because he’s not the best looking fella, and he’s always been poor. Since he was a kid, he’s felt alone and like he never had enough. The story follows main character as he grows up, and we meet his friends, family, and even the folks who can’t stand him.

    Things start off with Prizad’s childhood. He’s lonely because of his looks and how little money he has. This keeps happening as he gets older, things just don’t seem to get any better. But then, wham! Prizad suddenly strikes it rich! He thinks money will buy him popularity, but deep down, he still feels that emptiness and loneliness.

    Importance Of Plot

    There are two main things that happen in this story:

    • First, protagonist gets treated like garbage his whole life. He’s poor and people are mean to him.
    • Second, BAM! He gets a ton of money!

    But here’s the kicker: even though he’s rich now, that empty feeling inside him never goes away. This whole thing makes you wonder – is money really all it takes to be happy?

    Main Theme

    It is a story that digs deep into what makes people tick, especially that hidden part inside all of us. It follows a guy named Prizad who never gets any respect from society because he’s not good-looking and has no money. The author is basically saying that people only care about how you look and how much cash you have.

    But that’s not all. The story also talks about how important it is to connect with other people, to feel love, and to not be lonely. Everyone ignores poor Prizad because he’s not pretty, which makes him feel even more alone. He longs to find love, but even when he gets rich, that hole inside him never goes away.

    Author’s Message And Expression

    The author Hashim Nadeem, wants us to learn a valuable lesson. He’s saying we shouldn’t judge people by how they look or how much money they have – it’s what’s on the inside that counts! Just because someone isn’t rich or beautiful doesn’t mean they’re not a good person.

    He also makes a big point about money. Nadeem says that being rich isn’t everything. True happiness comes from within, not from how much stuff you own. Money can’t always fix that empty feeling you might have inside.

    Hashim Nadeem’s Magic Touch

    The Modern novelist Hashim knows how to spin a yarn. He uses beautiful words to pull you right into the story and make you feel everything the characters feel. He does this in Parizaad too. He paints a picture with his words, showing us exactly what the characters are thinking and feeling.

    He throws in some real-life Pakistani talk at times to make the story feel even more real, like you’re right there with the characters. He also mixes in some modern Urdu words and even some Arabic to make things more interesting.

    And let’s not forget his amazing similes and metaphors! He uses these fancy words to create vivid pictures in your head, like saying someone’s life “started to bloom like spring” or calling someone else “a walking disaster.”.

    Analyzing Similes and Metaphors

    Hashim Nadeem, the author of this social romantic novel is a master storyteller. He loves using comparisons, like saying someone’s life got better “like flowers blooming in spring,” or calling someone a real “walking disaster.”

    These comparisons make the story more colorful and interesting, and they help you picture things in your head. Nadeem is famous for his fancy way of writing, and he definitely brings that skill to this tale.

    A lot of fans of writer think this romantice novel is one of his best books ever. In it, he explores the not-so-pretty side of human nature. The main message of the story is fresh and makes you think. Even the critics agree that Nadeem’s writing style shines through in this book, especially his way of using creative metaphors to paint a picture with words.

    Is Prizaad a Must-Read?

    Many people consider Parizaad to be one of Hashim Nadeem’s best works. The story dives deep into the complicated parts of human nature, exploring love, relationships, loneliness, and what truly matters in life. It’s a thought-provoking read that will keep you hooked. The author uses cool comparisons and metaphors to make his points even more interesting. He also throws some shade at society’s messed-up norms and expectations.

    That said, some folks found the ending a bit weak and not quite satisfying after such a strong story. Also, a few of the side characters could have been fleshed out more. But even with those little bumps, parizad ” is still considered one of Nadeem’s top novels.

    Here’s who might enjoy this book:

    • People who like stories that explore the deeper meaning of life
    • Book clubs looking for a thought-provoking discussion
    • Fans of beautiful Urdu writing and creative metaphors
    • Aspiring writers who want to learn from a master storyteller

    So, if any of that sounds like you, then this might be the perfect book to pick up next!

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