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Mossad Novel By Iqbal Kazmi 

    Mossad Novel By Iqbal Kazmi 

    Mossad(موساد) is a gripping spy thriller novel by Urdu writer Iqbal Kazmi, set in the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict.  The story follows a man attempting to expose Israeli atrocities in Palestine, with a daring plan to target Mossad itself.

    The novel explores themes of espionage, ethical dilemmas, politics, and social injustices against Palestinians.  The fast-paced narrative uses a third-person perspective, with cliffhangers to keep readers engaged.

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    Mossad provides a perspective on Israel’s political and social oppression of Palestinian people but may be too vague for those unfamiliar with the cultural context.  Mossad is recommended for readers who enjoy suspenseful spy tales and a basic understanding of West Asian socio-political history.

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