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Moazzam Ali Novel By Naseem Hijazi

    Moazzam Ali Novel By Naseem Hijazi

    Moazzam Ali is a famous book by Naseem Hijazi. It’s about Bengal in the 1700s.

    The story includes the big Battle of Plassey and how the British took over. Written in 1964, it mixes real events and made-up characters.

    It shows how sneaky plans and betrayal led to the Nawab of Bengal’s big loss to the British East India Company. The tale is set around 1756-57.

    It’s about Ali Mohsin, who goes by ‘Moazzam Ali’. He works for the Bengal Nawab, Siraj-ud-Daula. Ali is young, just 20, but he’s brave and a great poet and fighter.

    The story shows how the Nawab deals with tough times. The British and some local leaders are causing trouble.

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    The book tells about the British plans that make the Nawab lose his supporters and army friends. The Nawab had more soldiers, but the British, led by Robert Clive, tricked him.

    Ali fights bravely against 20 enemies in the Battle of Plassey but gets hurt and tricked. This led to the British winning Bengal in 1757.

    Ali’s last words are about Muslims keeping their dignity, even if they lose battles. After this, Ali goes to Mysore in the south.

    He’s good at languages and poetry, which gets him noticed in Sultan Hyder Ali Khan’s court. The story ends with Ali ready to face new challenges, still wanting to fix what happened at Plassey.

    Naseem Hijazi does a great job of putting made-up characters into real history. The book makes Siraj-ud-Daula a complex hero.

    The way the Battle of Plassey is shown is exciting. Ali’s character is dynamic and the story has interesting parts, like his love for princess Laila.

    Moazzam Ali is a powerful book. It captures a key moment in India’s history.

    It’s a must-read for anyone interested in Muslim history in colonial India. Hijazi’s book is not just a good story, it also warns about the dangers of being divided.

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