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Kufr Novel By Tehmina Durrani

    Kufr Novel By Tehmina Durrani

    The Kufr (کفر) Novel, published in 1991, is a controversial Urdu novel by Pakistani writer Tehmina Durrani, which critiques religious leaders, rituals, and issues like fake spirituality, gender discrimination, and exploitation of women in the name of faith. 

     The novel, based on Durrani’s background as a member of the Pakistani elite, follows Shahana, a deceitful ‘Peer‘ who leads a campaign against Sarwar Shah‘s conversion of faith.

    The novel questions organized religion and obedience to spiritual figures, highlighting how they can foster tyranny rather than exploitation.  

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    Despite initial upheavals and bans, the Kufr Novel remains relevant in present-day Pakistan, highlighting the dangers of faith mixed with feudal patriarchy and class structures.

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