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Kuch Kami Si Hai Novel By Nighat Seema

    Kuch Kami Si Hai Novel By Nighat Seema

    Kuch Kami Si Hai (کچھ کمی سی ہے) is a socio-romance story by Pakistani writer Nighat Seema, set in the marriage of two young couples, Haroon and Rania.

    The story revolves around the emotional tension between freedom and duty, the interpretation of gestures within marriage, and the social training of gender roles.

    The novel’s title, Kuch Kumis Si Hai, symbolizes the lack of emotional connection caused by differences over time, while the choice between children and career subtly comments on the one-sided expectations placed on Pakistani women.

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    The story is simple and conversational and provides an insightful glimpse into the private difficulties of married life, showcasing Seema’s literary skills.

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