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Khoobsurat Novel By Bushra Rehman

    Khoobsurat Novel By Bushra Rehman

    The Khoobsurat(خوبصورت) Novel is a social commentary set in modern-day Pakistan, focusing on the impact of society’s beauty standards on youth. The novel follows Zamal, a superficial character who initially enjoys the attention of her lovers.

    However, his flaking confidence reveals his inner turmoil, warning against complex systems that value superficial qualities at the expense of self-esteem. The story encourages readers to challenge beauty standards and recognize each individual’s humanity.

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    Bushra Rehman’s eloquent writing style transforms the simple story into a thought-provoking one with lively dialogue and apt narration.

    The climax subverts readers’ expectations based on Zamal’s beauty, as her eventual marriage to a blind man symbolizes that inner beauty means more in the long run.

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