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Khawab Nagar Ki Musafatein By Nazia Kanwal Nazi (Stories)

    Khawab Nagar Ki Musafatein By Nazia Kanwal Nazi (Stories)

    Khawab Nagar Ki Musafatein(خواب نگر کی مسافتیں) is a social-romantic Urdu book by Nazia Kanwal Nazi, focusing on complex human relationships and social realities.

    The book features four interwoven stories, each with elements of romance, revenge, and social commentary.

    The first story follows Ahamar and Anmol, two people from different backgrounds who fall in love but face family opposition.

    Noor, a young woman from a wealthy family, marries a wealthy family but struggles to adapt to her husband’s materialistic mindset.

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    The third story highlights workplace harassment, while the fourth presents an unconventional romance between Zayan and his domestic helper, Zahra.

    Nazis’ writing style and narration are complex and conversational and explore socio-economic disparities, gender roles, workplace dynamics, and taboo relationships in Pakistan.

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