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Gul E Kohsar Novel By Farah Bukhari

    Gul E Kohsar Novel By Farah Bukhari

    Gul E Kohsar (گل کہسار) is a 2022 Urdu novel by Farah Bukhari, a socio-romantic novel that explores themes of patriarchy, interfaith marriages, class divides, and female emancipation.

    The story follows Zymal and Shahaab, two passionate individuals who fall in love and marry against their families’ wishes.

    The novel challenges societal norms and societal expectations, highlighting the complexities of love and familial duties. The narrative is characterized by vivid language, alternating between past and present events.

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    While some plot points may seem overly dramaticized, the novel remains engaging and resonates with youth grappling with love and familial responsibilities.

    Despite some dramatic plot points, Gul-e-Kohsar remains entertaining, leaving readers with lasting impressions.

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