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Ghaddar Novel By Krishan Chander

    Ghaddar Novel By Krishan Chander

    Ghaddar is a book by Krishan Chander written in 1966. It’s about the sadness caused by the division of British India.

    The book shows how Hindus, Sikhs, and others all suffered when India was split up. The story is set in Punjab right after the split.

    It’s about a shopkeeper, Harnam Singh. He doesn’t join the Sikhs in fighting the local Muslims.

    Instead, he helps Muslim friends in danger. This makes his Sikh neighbors angry.

    The book shows how everyday people can get caught up in terrible acts against their neighbors. It talks about a sad truth: Hindus and Sikhs, who once suffered, now do the same to others.

    Harnam stands firm, even when his people turn against him. But he pays a hefty price for staying true to what’s right.

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    The writer uses simple words to tell a powerful story. Ghaddar challenges the idea that only Muslims had a hard time during the split of India.

    It shows the importance of thinking for yourself and not just following others. The book is honest about the bad things that happened but also about hope and coming together.

    Some parts of the book are hard to read because they’re real. But the message of hope and unity is essential.

    Ghaddar is as meaningful today as when it was written. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the history and struggles of South Asia.

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