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Diyar E Dil Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq

    Diyar E Dil Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq

    Diyar E Dil (دیاردل) is a social drama novel by Pakistani author Farhat Ishtiaq, set in 1970s Pakistan.  The novel follows the lives of two brothers, Behroze and Suhaib, who marry each other’s childhood betrothed due to family differences and strict societal norms.

    The novel explores themes such as love, loyalty, and the complex of Pakistani society through its multidimensional characters.  The story follows the course of two families over 30 years, with Behroze’s younger brother Suhaib marrying Arjumand, and Behroze finding love in Ruhina against his father’s wishes.

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    The novel’s strength lies in its well-etched, multifaceted characters, with Behroze evolving from a mild-mannered boy to a questioning of regressive social constructs.  Ruhina, Behroze’s working-class wife, lends the story its strongest female voice, often subverting gender role expectations and nurturing her loved ones.

    The intergenerational plot of “Diyar-e-Dil” navigates years of conflict and reconciliation, from shell-shocking betrayals to cathartic confrontations.  The central theme of bonds of family and love can overcome almost anything given time and understanding.

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