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Dhoke Baaz Novel By M Ilyas

    Dhoke Baaz Novel By M Ilyas

    Dhoke Baaz is a gripping crime thriller set in Bangalore, India. The novel features a masterful plot with twists and turns, raising tension.

    The eclectic cast of characters, including the detective and Rakhi, hold readers’ attention with their unconventional methods. The novel explores timeless themes of truth, justice, redemption, and morality, challenging readers to see beyond superficial judgments.

    M. Ilyas’s crisp, cinematic writing style vividly conjures the setting and imagery with wit and tension.

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    Dhoke Baaz is a standout novel for its multilayered characters and themes, appealing to mature readers and mystery buffs, literary fiction readers, and psychological thriller fans.

    The twists feel earned rather than gratuitous, leaving readers compulsively turning pages.

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