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Dehshat Gard Novel By Iqbal Kazmi

    Dehshat Gard Novel By Iqbal Kazmi

    Dehshat Gard(دہشتگرد) is a crime thriller novel by Iqbal Kazmi, a renowned Urdu writer based in Karachi. The novel explores the rise of terrorism in Pakistan, focusing on social issues such as religious extremism, political corruption, and the complex realities that give birth to terrorism.

    The protagonist, police inspector Azhar, is tasked with apprehending terrorists through bomb blasts in Karachi.

    The novel serves as a commentary on the willingness to excuse or ignore early signs of fundamentalism taking hold before it erupts into full-scale terrorism plaguing Pakistan today.

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    The novel employs cliffhangers, surprise twists, and escalating stakes to build a propulsive, suspenseful narrative, highlighting the breeding ground for terrorism in Pakistan through communal intolerance, religious manipulation, political conspiracy, and systemic failures.

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