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Daste Kozagar Novel By Fozia Yasmeen

    Daste Kozagar Novel By Fozia Yasmeen

    Daste Kozagar is about Saba, an orphan who loses her parents early and grows up in an orphanage. Rehman, a kind visitor, helps her grow into a confident young woman.

    She falls in love with Haris, Rehman’s friend’s son, but their plans for marriage end when Rehman dies, and Saba becomes very sad. She breaks up with Haris and focuses on her studies.

    Later, Saba and Haris start talking again and think about getting back together. But she discovers she’s lost her inheritance due to Rehman’s greedy nephew.

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    Haris, thinking he’s helping, searches for her for years. Eventually, Saba gets her inheritance back, finds Haris, and they reunite.

    The story shows that true love can overcome tough times and that sometimes life tests strong relationships. It teaches that family isn’t just about blood relations but also about those who support us.

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