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Dasht E Wehshat Novel By Mehwish Ali

    Dasht E Wehshat Novel By Mehwish Ali

    The story Dasht E Wehshat is about Ali and Sana, two university students in love. Ali is rich and wants to be a business owner.

    Sana, a dreamer, wants Ali’s love. They enjoy time together, but Ali gets busy with work, causing fights.

    Ali misses Sana’s birthday, breaking her heart. She leaves him.

    Ali’s sorry, but Sana doesn’t trust him anymore. Sana moves away, heals, and works hard.

    Ali’s business does well, but he misses Sana. He tries to talk to her, but she won’t meet him.

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    Sana’s career goes well, but her love life doesn’t. Ali still loves her, regretting his mistakes.

    Years later, they meet at a wedding, acting polite but distant. The book shows how love can break if not cared for.

    Ali and Sana didn’t talk well or adjust to each other, leading to their love’s end. It warns us to balance dreams and love, as love alone can’t fix big differences in life goals.

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