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Dasht E Junoon Novel By Amna Riaz (Complete)

    Dasht E Junoon Novel By Amna Riaz (Complete)

    Dasht E Junoon is a book by Amna Riaz about two buildings in a busy city in Pakistan. In Fazal Manzil, many families live together.

    When Kamran, a good-looking guest, arrives, people get jealous and gossip. In the other building, Falak Boss, Muaavia feels scared by weird things that only he sees.

    His friend acts strangely and is later found dead. Khush Naseeb, a girl who doesn’t follow old traditions, links the two buildings.

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    She becomes friends with Muaavia and tries to solve the spooky mystery in his building. In Fazal Manzil, secrets and lies emerge, and the families face their problems.

    The story shows how people struggle with good and bad in themselves. It mixes real life with ghostly mysteries and discusses fighting lies and unfairness.

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