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Chara Gar Novel By Bushra Rehman

    Chara Gar Novel By Bushra Rehman

    Charagar is a book by Bushra Rehman. It’s about a Pakistani family in Karachi.

    The story focuses on Naima, who balances her modern education and job goals with her family’s old-fashioned ideas. Her dad, Ahmed, is open-minded, but her mom criticizes her for not being a traditional housewife.

    Naima doesn’t want to, but her parents make her marry her cousin Adil. Adil turns out to be proud, lazy, and not very helpful.

    Naima feels very unhappy and alone. Then, her dad’s business does badly, and Adil doesn’t support her.

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    Naima finds out Adil is cheating and asks for a divorce. At first, her parents are angry, but then they see her strength and help her.

    Ultimately, Naima starts a new life, following her dreams. The book shows the tough choice between following society or your own heart.

    It talks about family rules, the challenges women face in Pakistan, and the complicated topic of arranged marriages.

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