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Chand Si Dulhan Novel By Maha Malik

    Chand Si Dulhan Novel By Maha Malik

    Chand Si Dulhan is a book by Maha Malik. It’s about Imad, who returns to Lahore after studying in the UK.

    His mom, Nargis, wants him to marry. Imad meets Farah, but he’s not interested in her.

    Imad falls in love with Zarmeen, a doctor and his old friend. He wants to marry her, but his mom doesn’t agree because Zarmeen isn’t rich.

    Imad still chooses Zarmeen over his mom’s wishes. Zarmeen’s parents also don’t like Imad.

    On the wedding day, Nargis tries to stop it. Zarmeen’s parents don’t let her leave, but she marries Imad anyway.

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    Later, Imad dies in an accident during their honeymoon. Zarmeen stays strong and raises their son alone.

    The story shows how Imad and Zarmeen fight for their love against family pressure. It tells us that true love can overcome any challenge.

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