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Chand Se Na Khelo Novel By Bushra Rehman

    Chand Se Na Khelo Novel By Bushra Rehman

    Chand Se Na Khelo is a book by Bushra Rehman. It’s about Zahra, a young Pakistani-American woman in Chicago.

    Her traditional parents want her to marry a Pakistani man. At a wedding in Michigan, Zahra meets Zunair, a Pakistani businessman.

    He’s charming and tells her about Pakistan. They talk a lot, and Zahra likes him.

    She shares her life’s challenges with him. They keep in touch by phone and video, and Zahra falls in love.

    Zunair comes to Chicago and proposes to her, and she says yes. But Zahra finds out Zunair already has a wife and kids in Pakistan.

    He leaves her. Zahra is heartbroken.

    She goes back to Chicago and starts to rebuild her life. She goes to graduate school and follows her career dreams.

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    Later, Zunair tries to come back into her life, saying he left his family. Zahra doesn’t accept him.

    She’s successful and happy on her own. The story shows the risks of trusting unquestioningly, especially with cultural differences.

    It tells how important it is for women to be strong and independent.

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