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Chalo Azmatay Hain Novel By Faiza Iftikhar

    Chalo Azmatay Hain Novel By Faiza Iftikhar

    Chalo Azmatay Hain is a book about Zunaira, a rich Pakistani girl. She feels stuck and alone at home.

    Her parents want to marry her to a rich man, but she wants to marry for love. At a relative’s wedding, she meets Daniyal, her dad’s friend’s son.

    They fall in love. Zunaira fights her family to stay with Daniyal.

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    They face many problems, and gossip hurts her family’s name. They plan to marry, but Daniyal feels ashamed of being poorer and ends the engagement.

    Zunaira talks to his parents, who like her. They help them reunite.

    Zunaira’s parents see her happiness as more important than wealth. Daniyal worries about the wealth difference at the wedding, but his dad welcomes him into the family.

    The wedding is happy, and both families are pleased. Zunaira and Daniyal’s love wins against society’s unfair rules.

    The story shows that love can beat all if we’re brave. Chalo Azmatay Hain supports changing old, unfair ideas of love.

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