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Butshikan Novel By Bushra Rehman

    Butshikan Novel By Bushra Rehman

    Butshikan is a novel by Bushra Rehman about how weak human relationships can be. It tells the story of Touheed and Dil Avaiz, two people who find comfort and love in each other after facing personal losses.

    They become very close, planning to marry with their families’ approval. However, they focus so much on each other that they ignore their friends and family.

    This causes problems and misunderstandings. Things get worse when Dil’s sister Pari, upset from her broken marriage, tries to ruin Dil’s happiness.

    Pari lies about Touheed, making it seem like he’s not trustworthy. Dil is torn between believing her sister or Touheed.

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    As Pari’s lies continue, Touheed doesn’t know why Dil is becoming distant. Their once-strong relationship starts falling apart.

    The story shows how not dealing with a small misunderstanding can lead to big problems, affecting deeply bonded relationships.

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