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Bodyguard Novel By Mehwish Ali

    Bodyguard Novel By Mehwish Ali

    Bodyguard by Mehwish Ali is a thrilling love story. Zareen, a rich girl, lives a life full of parties and luxury.

    But she’s always in danger because of her father’s business enemies. Her father keeps her safe with bodyguards.

    Yet, Zareen wants someone to love her for who she is, not for her money. She meets Abbas, a smart, skilled guy from a simple family when he saves her from a kidnapping.

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    Zareen feels a special connection with Abbas and convinces her dad to hire him as her bodyguard. Abbas is serious about his job, but he and Zareen soon feel a strong bond.

    They come close, ignoring their backgrounds and the dislike of Zareen’s rich friends. Their love grows as Zareen faces more danger.

    The story has everything: love across social classes, evil plans, family against their love, and Abbas bravely protecting Zareen. Mehwish Ali writes with tension and suspense, making Zareen and Abbas’s characters real.

    They share values and emotions despite their different lives. We feel for Zareen’s loneliness and admire Abbas’s bravery.

    Their love seems natural. The story has many unexpected turns.

    Crime, betrayal, and rival lovers make Zareen and Abbas’s love seem impossible. But Mehwish Ali’s writing gives hope, even in their hardest times.

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