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Black Prince Novel By Meeshi Sheikh

    Black Prince Novel By Meeshi Sheikh

    Black Prince is a novel about the unfairness in South Asian society. It shows how people judge others based on money, skin color, and family background.

    The story is about Shahbaz and Jamal, two boys called Black Prince because of their dark skin. Shahbaz is rich and gets everything he wants, while Jamal, who is poor, faces disrespect.

    The writer, Meeshi Sheikh, tells their stories to show how unfair and biased people can be. As they grow up, Shahbaz becomes more proud and demanding because he is rich, while Jamal stays kind and dignified despite being treated badly.

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    Jamal falls in love with Noor, a talented seamstress, but their love struggles against society’s unfair rules. The book highlights how wrong judging people by their looks or wealth is.

    It shows the ongoing problems of inequality in India and Pakistan. Black Prince is an important and interesting book that tells a powerful story about these issues.

    It’s a great read to understand more about these problems.

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