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Bisat E Dil Novel By Amna Riaz

    Bisat E Dil Novel By Amna Riaz

    Bisat e Dil is a book about three families with different wealth levels, tied by friendship but facing tough times. The main family is the rich Haroons, led by the kind Haroon Sahab, who uses a wheelchair.

    Next door, widow Ghazala Begum lives with her daughters, Mehak, Mahnoor, and Mishal. Ghazala is strong and respected, especially by Haroon Sahab.

    The third family is Saleem, a lawyer, and his proud second wife, Aliya. They live in a big house nearby.

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    Aliya pretends to be friends with Ghazala but secretly looks down on her. All families face big problems, from sickness to crime, shaking their lives.

    The writer, Amna Riaz, shows how people’s lives are closely linked, even when hard times change their relationships. The story asks if true friendship can survive bad times and what keeps people connected, whether by family or love.

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