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Band Kawaron Ke Aage Novel By Umera Ahmed

    Band Kawaron Ke Aage Novel By Umera Ahmed

    Band Kawaron Ke Aage (بند کواڑوں کے آگے) is a book by Umera Ahmed, a writer from Pakistan. It’s a love story set in a college in Pakistan.

    The main character, Ahsan, is a young man who loves cricket and meets a girl named Rabail. He falls in love with her at a college event.

    Ahsan became popular and played for his college and district cricket teams. But, when Ahsan and Rabail’s relationship strengthened, he lost interest in cricket and got dropped from the provincial team.

    He has to choose between his cricket career and Rabail. The book shows how Ahsan struggles with his feelings and choices, which many young people can relate to.

    In the end, Ahsan decides to give up cricket for Rabail. Rabail wonders if Ahsan will regret his choice.

    The story ends without telling us what happens next, making us think about their future. The book’s main idea is about following your heart, even when it’s hard.

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    Umera Ahmed tells us that love is more important than what people expect from you or trying to be successful. The story is a touching love tale that people of all ages can enjoy.

    It makes you think about love and the tough decisions you sometimes have to make.

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