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Baharon Ki Patjhar Mein Novel By Rafaqat Javed

    Baharon Ki Patjhar Mein Novel By Rafaqat Javed

    Baharon ki Patjhar Mein( بھاروں کی پت جھڑ میں ) is a book by Rafaqat Javed about a girl named Fiza. She is the only child of her parents and lives through a bad car accident.

    After the accident, she goes to live with her uncle and starts to like Dilshad, who is much older and helps her feel better. But her uncle doesn’t like this.

    The book talks about Fiza trying to be with the person she loves, even though her family and others disagree. It’s about tricky things like losing someone, dealing with mental health, and a girl’s power to make her own choices.

    The title means “Baharon ki Patjhar Mein” showing the sadness in Fiza’s life as she grows up. The story shows how Fiza fights for love and tries to find happiness again.

    Rafaqat Javed writes about these sensitive topics very nicely. Fiza sees Dilshad as someone who supports her.

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    People who like stories about real-life problems and love will enjoy this book. It talks about how people face hard times but still find hope.

    The book makes readers think about healing and strength, even when challenging. With her storytelling, Rafaqat Javed is good at making her readers feel emotions.

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