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Badlan E Akhzar Novel By Asma Tayyab [Complete]

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    Badlan E Akhzar(بادلانِ اخضر) is a book about two different love stories. The first story is about Daqash and Anisha, who just got married and are very happy together.

    They do fun things in the city and take good care of each other. The second story is about Mansoor and Zehlay, who have been friends since they were kids and fall in love.

    But Zehlay’s family doesn’t want her to marry Mansoor because he has little money. Instead, they want her to marry a rich man.

    Zehlay agrees to marry the wealthy man even though she loves Mansoor. Mansoor is sorrowful and tries to stop Zehlay’s wedding but can’t.

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    Ultimately, Mansoor has to accept that he can’t be with Zehlay. At the same time, Daqash and Anisha are excited to start their life together in their new home.

    The book tells us about love, family, and people’s choices. It has both happy and sad parts and gives a good look at love in modern times.

    The author, Asma Tayyab, writes the story beautifully, making it an excellent book for people who like to read about love and feelings.

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