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Badla Mere Hamraz Ka Rang By Farhat Ishtiaq (Stories)

    Badla Mere Hamraz Ka Rang By Farhat Ishtiaq (Stories)

    Badla Mere Humraz Ka Rang (بدلا میرے ہمراز کا رنگ) is a book with 13 short stories in Urdu by Farhat Ishtiaq. These stories talk about how tricky and changing human relationships can be.

    They show different feelings like love, loss, selfishness, and how hard it is for people to change. The stories are about love and family and how these relationships bring happiness and pain.

    Some critical stories in the book are about a man who only thinks about himself, a schoolgirl’s first love that goes wrong, and a story about a woman who ruins her marriage. Farhat Ishtiaq writes about people’s feelings and mistakes naturally and profoundly.

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    Her writing is beautiful but easy to understand, and she shows the natural way people talk in Urdu. This book is remarkable in Urdu literature because it discusses love and life.

    People who like South Asian stories about love will find this book very interesting. Farhat Ishtiaq shows that short stories can be as touching as long novels.

    This book is worth reading for its deep understanding of people.

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