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Bachpan Ka December Novel By Hashim Nadeem

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    Bachpan Ka December(بچپن کا دسمبر) is a book by Hashim Nadeem. It’s about a boy named Aadi and his best friend Wajjo.

    They grow up together in Lahore. Aadi is a normal kid, and Wajjo is a rich girl.

    They have fun adventures like flying kites and having birthday parties. Aadi goes to a military school he doesn’t like, but he still stays friends with Wajjo.

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    The story shows Aadi’s life as he grows up, with things like his first crush and learning about adult problems. The book makes you feel like you’re in Lahore, showing what the city was like in the 70s with its busy markets and street food sellers.

    The story is really about the unique friendship between Aadi and Wajjo. They stick together even when things get tough and understand each other well.

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