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Baaghi Novel By Razia Butt

    Baaghi Novel By Razia Butt

    Baaghi is a book written by Razia Butt in 1988. It’s about a young Persian artist, Nadir Khan, who is liked by a patron in Emperor Akbar’s court.

    Nadir is happy painting and dreaming about art, beauty, and fairness. But trouble starts when Akbar’s top advisor gets jealous.

    He tricks Akbar into signing a death order for Nadir’s family in Persia, falsely accusing them of betrayal. Nadir is heartbroken and becomes a rebel against Akbar.

    He leaves the palace, drops his noble title, and wants revenge. At the same time, he falls in love with Mehar Taj, Akbar’s beautiful stepdaughter from Kabul.

    Their love story makes things more complicated. Nadir’s fight against Akbar grows as he meets local leaders who are unhappy with Akbar.

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    Even though he knows Akbar is a kind emperor, Nadir is too upset to see it. He encourages these leaders to join his rebellion.

    The story leads to a big showdown. Will Nadir win with his ideals and love for his country, or will his hurt feelings cause more trouble?

    Can he find peace or make things worse for himself? The writer, Razia Butt, uses real people from Akbar’s time, like the art leader Abul Fazl, to make the story feel real.

    She mixes these real characters with her made-up ones. The story shows the Persian solid culture at that time.

    Baaghi is a fun book that teaches about medieval India when Akbar was in charge. It shows how Akbar tried to unite different cultures through the story of Nadir, who fights against total power.

    The book keeps you guessing and touches your heart, showing an essential time in South Asia’s history.

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