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Aye Sitara Shab E Zindagi By Nighat Abdullah 

    Aye Sitara Shab E Zindagi By Nighat Abdullah 

    Aye Sitara Shab E Zindagi (ستارہ شبِ زندگی)is a story written by Nighat Abdullah, a writer from Pakistan. It’s about love and relationships.

    The main character, Zara, is a young girl who marries her cousin. But they have problems because of mistakes and not understanding each other well.

    Zara tries hard to fix their relationship. The book talks about how important it is to take care of relationships.

    It says we should talk openly, understand each other’s feelings, and forgive mistakes. It’s not just about a husband and wife, but also about family and friends.

    The story shows that people aren’t perfect, but we can still have good relationships if we try. The author, Nighat Abdullah, is known for writing about important topics like unfair treatment of women, differences between rich and poor, and problems in marriage.

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    She writes in a way that shows she understands how women feel. She has written other popular books too.

    The main idea of Aye Sitara Shab-e-Zindagi is that relationships can be delicate, but talking, caring, and forgiving can help keep them strong.

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