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Awaz E Dost By Mukhtar Masood

    Awaz E Dost By Mukhtar Masood

    Mukhtar Masood’s book Awaz E Dost is essential. It talks about the Pakistan Movement.

    Written in 1973, it honors the ideas and people who made Pakistan. The book starts by talking about the Minar-e-Pakistan.

    Masood, who helped build it, says this tower is essential for Pakistan’s history. It reminds us of when people first asked for Pakistan in 1940.

    Masood compares this tower to other prominent monuments like the Eiffel Tower. He says the Minar-e-Pakistan shows the power and dreams of Muslims in India.

    But he also says we should think about what this tower means and what we should do for Pakistan’s future. The book also shares stories of 13 famous people from the Pakistan Movement.

    Masood tells us about their dreams and ideas. He talks about how they all believed in a better Pakistan, with unity and good governance.

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    Masood writes well. He looks at Pakistan’s problems and asks us to fix them, using the ideas of Pakistan’s leaders as a guide.

    “Awaz-e-Dost” is unique because it tells us about the people and thoughts behind Pakistan’s birth. It lets us see essential parts of their lives.

    The book makes us think about Pakistan’s future and the big dreams of its founders. This book is a must-read.

    It teaches us about Pakistan’s start and reminds us of our duties to keep its vision alive.

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