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Aur Talwar Toot Gai Novel by Naseem Hijazi

    Aur Talwar Toot Gai Novel by Naseem Hijazi

    Aur Talwar Toot Gai is a book by Naseem Hijazi. It’s the second part after “Muazzam Ali”. It tells about Tipu Sultan, the famous 18th-century leader.

    He was called the ‘Tiger of Mysore’. The book talks about his time as a leader. He fought hard against the British, who wanted to take over.

    Tipu Sultan was brilliant. He made farming better, lowered taxes, and fixed water systems.

    He cared about his people, improving schools, industries, and the army. But the British wanted more land.

    They made secret plans and brought a giant army to fight him. Tipu Sultan knew the danger but didn’t give in to them.

    He wanted to stay free and not be under the British. In his last big fight, he bravely faced a considerable army.

    His soldiers fought hard but lost because of betrayal. Tipu Sultan got hurt but kept fighting until he died.

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    This showed his strong spirit. Hijazi’s book makes Tipu Sultan a hero.

    He was a kind leader and a tough fighter. The story also shows how some Indian rulers helped the British, which led to them taking over.

    The book tells us a lot about South Asian history. It’s suitable for anyone who likes historical stories.

    It shows Tipu Sultan’s life and how he stood up to the British until the end.

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