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Aur Kuch Khawab Novel By Ushna Kausar Sardar

    Aur Kuch Khawab Novel By Ushna Kausar Sardar

    Aur Kuch Khawab(اور کچھ خواب) is a book in Urdu about love and challenging times in Pakistan. It tells the story of a young couple who immensely love each other.

    But people in their community, who follow old traditions, do not like their relationship. The couple faces many problems from their families and others, which makes their lives very tough.

    The book shows how some people in Pakistan think in old ways. They try to control who loves whom, which causes much pain for the couple.

    The story is about how wrong it is for people to break love apart and hurt others while thinking they are doing the right thing. The writer talks about how old ideas about men being in charge stop people from being happy.

    The characters in the book have different views, showing that people aren’t bad, but sometimes they believe in wrong things. The story is very emotional and makes us think about why following our hearts is essential.

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    The couple’s struggle shows how hard it is for people who aren’t allowed to love freely. They keep going despite everything against them, showing how strong their love is.

    This book is like a mirror showing what needs to change in society for everyone to have fundamental rights. It says that love is a strong force against unfairness.

    This book suits people who like stories that make them think and feel deeply.

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