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Ashifta Dil Novel By Huria Malik

    Ashifta Dil Novel By Huria Malik

    Ashifta Dil (آشفتہ دل) is a book in Urdu by Huria Malik. It’s about a wealthy young man named Yaman Khanzada.

    Yaman can’t deal well with love problems. He gets distraught and misbehaves when a woman dislikes him.

    The story shows how this hurts him and others. Yaman wants to marry Raima but still thinks about the other woman.

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    Raima sees Yaman’s lousy behavior and decides not to marry him. She is upset and doesn’t like how Yaman acts.

    The book makes you think about love, not giving up quickly, and the harmful effects of holding onto anger. It shows the importance of acting ethically, especially in tough times.

    Raima’s character helps show this message. Ashifta Dil is a good book for people who read Urdu.

    It’s about love and life, making you think about your actions.

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