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Arsh E Falak Novel By Bisma Bhatti

    Arsh E Falak Novel By Bisma Bhatti

    Arsh E Falak (عرشِ فلک)is a book in Urdu by Bisma Bhatti. It’s a love story about Arsh and Falak, who meet in college.

    Falak is good at cricket and well-liked at school, and Arsh likes him. They fall in love and have a special relationship that is very strong and happy.

    The book shows how beautiful and powerful love can be. It tells readers to value true love and to have strong, loving relationships.

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    The story of Arsh and Falak makes people believe in love and shows that even though it’s rare, true love is very special. Bisma Bhatti’s book is exciting and makes people feel good about love and relationships.

    In short, it’s about a college couple, Arsh and Falak, and how their true love changes their lives. It reminds us how important and amazing love is.

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