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Apne Aur Paraye Chand Novel By Nighat Seema

    Apne Aur Paraye Chand Novel By Nighat Seema

    Apne Aur Paraye Chand (اپنے اور پرائے چاند) is a book with three love stories written by Nighat Seema, a famous writer. These stories talk about how people’s actions and society’s rules affect love and relationships.

    The first story, “Sawara,” shows how loving things more than people can hurt relationships. The second one, “Toote Huy Khwabon Ka Maseeha,” is about a brave woman who stands up against being poorly treated at home.

    The main story, “Apne Aur Paraye Chaand,” is about betrayal, trust, and finding new love. It ends in a way that makes you think deeply about relationships.

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    These exciting stories talk about the hard things people face in society. Nighat Seema is known for writing well about these tough topics.

    Her stories have brave female characters fighting for respect and happiness. This book is essential because it discusses love, betrayal, loss, and how society affects people’s choices.

    It’s perfect for women because it emphasizes strength and standing up for oneself. “Apne Aur Paraye Chand” is a well-known Urdu book and great for anyone who likes romantic stories.

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