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Alakh Nagri: A Book Review – Unveiling the Depths of Urdu Literature

    Alakh Nagri / الکھ نگری by Mumtaz Mufti Summary and Review

    Mumtaz Mufti (ممتازمفتی) was a big-time writer in Pakistan. He wrote both long stories (novels) and short ones. People really respect him for all he did for Urdu literature. His writing showed the different things people experience in everyday life, and he did it in a really beautiful way.

    One of his most famous books is called Alakh Nagri (الکھ نگری). This book talks about the second part of Mufti’s life. In it, he goes into a lot of detail about what happened when India and Pakistan were separated, and about his friendship with an old friend named Qudratullah Shahab.

    This book is actually the second part of Mufti’s own story about his life. The first part, called Alipur Ka Eli talks about his younger years. Alkh Nagri is the second and last book in this series.

    Summary Of The Story

    Alakh Nagri biographicalnovel picks up right where Mufti’s life left off in his first book. It follows him through the second part of his life. He’s still the main character, but his old friend Qudratullah Shahab becomes really important too.

    The first part of the book dives deep into the chaos of India and Pakistan splitting up. Mufti talks about people moving, getting robbed, and even killed. But he also tells the story of his own family’s peaceful move.

    The second part is all about Mufti’s amazing 35-year friendship with Qudratullah Shahab(قدرت اللہ شہاب). Mufti describes how close they were, what Shahab’s personality was like, and all the different sides to him.

    It’s interesting to see how Mufti changes in the book. At the beginning, he seems kind of rebellious and always asking questions. But after becoming such good friends with Shahab, Mufti starts to look up to him a lot and becomes more devoted.

    Shahab’s strong personality really leaves a mark on Mufti. So the book shows how Mufti grows and changes as a person.

    Critical Review

    Mumtaz Mufti’s writing is like talking to a wise friend. He keeps things clear and simple, using everyday words you already know. There are no fancy turns of phrase to confuse you, just a straightforward way of telling his story.

    It’s like he’s sitting down and having a conversation with you, making it easy to follow along and understand what he’s saying. On top of that, he knows how to tell a good story, keeping things interesting the whole way through.

    Points of Strength and Weakness

    Alakh Nagri is a great book, but it’s not perfect. The best part is definitely how Mufti writes. He uses clear and honest language, and he gets his point across without any confusing words. It’s really easy to understand.

    The only downside is that sometimes the book gets a little slow because he goes into so much detail. It can feel like he’s dragging on a bit in some places.

    Overall, though, It does what it sets out to do. Mufti wanted to tell the story of a big part of his life, and he does a fantastic job. He really brings the events of the India-Pakistan partition and his friendship with Qudrat Shahab to life, so you walk away knowing a lot more about him and what he went through.

    Final Thoughts

    Alakh Nagri is a goldmine for understanding a crucial part of Mufti’s life. It’s a beautiful record of some tough times, including the awful split between India and Pakistan, the scary journey his family took to move, and the amazing friendship he had with Qudratullah Shahab for 35 years.

    But this book is about more than just Mufti. It also teaches you a lot about the world back then, with all the political stuff, what was going on in society, and the big historical events of that time. It makes you feel like you’re right there with Mufti experiencing it all firsthand.

    In a way, this fictional biography is two books in one. It’s Mufti’s personal story, but it’s also a calm and collected look back at history. On top of that, it’s really well-written. Mufti uses plain English to tell a fascinating story, and he sneaks in all the important historical details along the way.

    Looking for a book that’s both fun and teaches you something new? Alkh Nagri is perfect. It’s great for anyone who likes reading, history buffs, or people who enjoy a good story about a real person’s life. I really recommend giving it a try!

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