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Aitbaar Bhi Aa Hi Jayega Novel By Subas Gul

    Aitabar Bhi Aa Hi Jaye Ga Novel By Subas Gul

    Aitabar Bhi Aa Hi Jaye Ga(اعتبار بھی آ ہی جاۓ گا) is a book about Zara and Daniyal, a young couple who get married because their families want them to. At first, things go well, but soon problems start.

    Zara wants to study and work, but Daniyal is unhappy with his job and being a husband. When Daniyal loses his career, he drinks a lot, which causes more trouble.

    Zara leaves him and goes back to her parents. Being apart makes them realize they care for each other.

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    Daniyal stopped drinking and worked on his temper to make things right with Zara. He finds a new job and asks Zara and her family to forgive him.

    Zara sees that Daniyal is genuinely sorry and decides to try again with their marriage. They talk about what they want and need, and Zara moves back with Daniyal, who now respects and understands her more.

    The book shows that arranged marriages can work out if the husband and wife try hard to understand each other. The writer, Subas Gul, tells us that marriage can be good if people put aside their pride and learn to understand and forgive each other.

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