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Aisa Rog Laga Hai Janan Novel By Humaira Fatima

    Aisa Rog Laga Hai Janan Novel By Humaira Fatima

    Aisa Rog Laga Hai Janan(ایسا روگ لگا ہے جاناں) is a book by Humaira Fatima. It’s about Sikandar and Mehak, who love each other but come from different backgrounds.

    They fall in love in college. Sikandar’s family doesn’t like Mehak because they think she wants their money.

    But Sikandar shows his family that his love is accurate, and they let him marry her if he doesn’t take their money. At first, they are pleased together.

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    But later, Mehak feels out of place in Sikandar’s rich life and starts to doubt him. One day, Mehak sees messages from another woman on Sikandar’s phone and leaves him without talking.

    Sikandar is sad and tries to find her, but she doesn’t answer. Later, Sikandar discovers the messages were just about work, and Mehak needs to be corrected.

    But she is too proud to talk to him about it. After many years, they meet at a wedding.

    Sikandar wants to get back together, but Mehak says no. They both feel sad and regretful.

    The story shows how not talking and being too proud can ruin love.

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