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Ain Ishq Novel By Iqra Fatima

    Ain Ishq Novel By Iqra Fatima

    Ain Ishq(عین عشق) is a sad story about a young woman, Mehak, who falls in love with a rich man’s son, Daniyal: Mehak, who lacks money, dreams of true love and a happy life. She meets Daniyal, who likes her beauty and kindness, but he uses her for fun.

    Daniyal’s family finds out and makes him leave Mehak to marry a rich girl instead. This breaks Mehak’s heart.

    Even though she is unfortunate, she keeps loving Daniyal and says no to other men who want to marry her. Mehak waits for Daniyal, hoping he will return, but this hope makes her sad and a bit crazy.

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    She dreams of Daniyal, but he has forgotten her. Mehak dies alone, still loving Daniyal, who never returns to say goodbye.

    The story shows love’s good and bad parts, especially when it’s not equal or accepted by society. Mehak’s love for Daniyal, even though they are from different social classes, ends up hurting her.

    The book makes you feel many emotions and shows how challenging life can be for women who love without thinking. It talks about how unfair society can be when it comes to love.

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