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Aik Awara Ki Khatir By Bushra Rehman (Stories)

    Aik Awara Ki Khatir By Bushra Rehman (Stories)

    Aik Awara Ki Khatir(ایک آوارہ کی خاطر) is a book with short stories by Bushra Rehman, a writer from Pakistan. These stories are about love and social problems, especially those women in Pakistan face.

    There are four different stories in the book. The main story is about how a homeless man affects the people around him.

    Aik Awara Ki Khatir (ایک آوارہ کی خاطر)
    Khushak Patton Ka Allao (خشک پتوں کا آلاوُ)
    Ke Baz Ayad Pashemani (کہ باز اید پشیمانی)
    Shikast-e-Ehad-e-Wafa (شکست عہد وفا)

    Each story discusses love, life problems, and women’s challenges in Pakistan.
    The stories show how hard it is for a woman to care for her children when they are poor. They also talk about feeling sorry in relationships, breaking essential promises, and the results of that.

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    Bushra Rehman writes a lot about problems women face and tries to help people who don’t have much power. This book suits people who like to read about real-life issues and romance in modern Urdu literature.

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