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Agar Hum Motabar Thehray Novel By Umme Maryam

    Agar Hum Motabar Thehray Novel By Umme Maryam

    Agar Hum Motabar Thehray(اگر ہم معتبر ٹھرے) is a book written by Amir Khan in Urdu. It’s about two young men, Salah and Aleezy, who love each other.

    But Salah’s parents don’t like Aleezy because they think her family isn’t good enough. They engage Salah with Shanzay, a rich girl who likes Salah.

    Salah becomes unhappy and stays away from Shanzay. The story gets more intense when Aleezy’s sister, Zoya, gets married into an evil family, leading to her dad dying.

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    Aleezy blames her sister’s in-laws for this. Salah then realizes Aleezy is the right person for him.

    He stops his engagement with Shanzay and plans to marry Aleezy. But Shanzay’s family is upset, and Shanzay tries to hurt herself.

    She says Salah betrayed her. This makes people feel sorry for her and pressures Salah and his family.

    The book discusses important topics like unfair treatment in families, differences between rich and poor, what people think they deserve, love, and how society sees people’s choices.

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